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About me.
  • cakeDOB: 26-03-1996
  • computerDegree: B.E In Electronics And Communication
  • businessInstitution: KVGCE, Sullia (2013-2017)
  • location_cityUniversity: VTU Belgaum,Karnataka
  • person_pin_circleLocation: Little flower, 3rd cross,Tulasi Theater Road,Marathahalli,Bangalore-37.
  • phonePhone: +91 9164879377 | +91 8217682755
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goibibo business API | premiermiles (Backend developer@goibibo)

The goibibo business API lob is one of the top revenue maker for goibibo organization.The api is based on REST architecture.Tech stacks included python,django,golang,aws,etc.This api has travel business verticals like flight,hotels,bus,holidays,etc.We have many reputed organization as alliance. B2B business is growing everysingle day to a new height.Got an oportunity to develop and maintain the b2b business for last 1+ years, writing business logics and adding new features fixing issues are the usual daily rutines. Along with b2b API I got an opportunity to dvelopment and maintanance of premiermiles of citi bank which is powered by goibibo.

Tech stacks:
  • Live Link
  • Languages: Python,Django,Golang,Javascript,Html,Css,Bash
  • Tech/Tools: Git,Celery,Redis,Mysql,Aerospike,etc
  • DevOps Tools: ci jenkins, Kibana, AWS, Docker,Newrelic,Redash,etc
Crumbs for Tableau and Alteryx (Fullstack Developer@cookieanalytix)

Learned Core Python, Linux Environment, Then learned Basic of Django Web Framework in about a week of time. I was tasked to create a Auto HR Payroll system by learning Odoo Open Erp tool. Got opportunity to get involved in R&D activities of company.Worked with Pyinstaller like Deppendency wrapper to make EXE installer from Django,flask Based web. Worked with Nginx configurations for deployment.

Tech stacks:
  • Live Link
  • Languages: Python,Javascript,Html,Css,Bootstrap,Etree,etc
  • Tech/Tools: Git,Django,Flask,Systemd,Nginx,Uwsgi,Wkhtmltopdf,Pyinstaller,Inno setup,D3js
  • DevOps Tools: AWS, Docker,uwsgi,nginx,Git,etc
  • Languages: Python,Javascript,Html,Css,etc
  • Tech/Tools: OdooV10,Aws,Nginx
  • MyRole: Customization of Admin panel,payslip Customization, Formula Generation.

Own Projects: | A blog for friennds | Smart power plug A smart GST billing and accounting software developed using django and Materialize CSS,Mysql.User login/sign-up using allauth,admin customizations,invoicing,monthly reporting,etc are the major features of the acqube.
Tech stacks:
  • Live Link
  • Languages: Python,Javascript,Html,Css,Materilize css,JQuery
  • Tech/Tools: Git,Nginx,Uwsgi,Wkhtmltopdf,Django
  • DevOps Tools: AWS,uwsgi,nginx,Git,etc
  • Languages: Python,Javascript,Html,Css,Bootstrap,mysql
  • Tech/Tools: Git,Nginx,Uwsgi,Django
  • Features: login,signup,new blog,delete,comment,like/dislike,follow,profile,etc
  • A hobby project implemented using arduino Uno and BT Sensor,etc. Using smartphone user can control power supply. It was the answer for my laziness to turn off electronic appliances after use
  • Tech/Tools: Aurdino Uno,BT sensor,Relay,MIT App inventor,etc
  • features: Android App based smart plug, can turn off on any gadget connected to the plug within bt range.

Academic Projects:

Voice Controlled PDA | Simple Radar System

  • The project involves implementation Personal Digital Assistant(PDA) by making use of STT(Speech to text),TTS(Text To Speech) Services in a single board computer RaspberryPI, Having almost all capabilities of echo dot.Human voice with bidirectional communication.
  • Languages: Python,Git,etc
  • Tech/Tools: Raspberry Pi, Wit.Ai,Mic,Speaker,espeak,etc
  • Achievements: Secured second prize in tech Expo
Tech stacks:
  • ​ A simple radar system to detect and display detected objects in an interface developed by using processing IDE.
  • Languages: Python,Javascript,C
  • Tech/Tools: Aurdino Uno, Ultra sound sensor,Processing IDE,etc
  • Achievements: Secured first prize in tech Expo


  • Total Experiance: 2+ Years
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Total Experiance: 1+ Years
  • Rating: 7/10
  • Total Experiance: 2+ Years
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Total Experiance: 2+ Years
  • Rating: 8/10